The Stickiness Factor – No more a mystery!

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Coca-cola paid 33 MM$ for the rights to sponsor the 1992 Olympics, but despite a huge advertising push, only 12 percent of TV viewers realised that they were the official Olympics soft drink , and another 5 percent thought that Pepsi was the real sponsor. According to a study done by one advertising research firm, whenever there are at least four different 15-second commercials in a two and a half minute commercial time-out, the effectiveness of any one 15-second ad sinks to absolute zero. (Source: Malcolm Gladwell)

The information age has created what is called as the “clutter” problem in the advertising business. Viewers are being bombarded with tons of information and much of what they watch/ listen/ read, they simply don’t remember. And the ones they remember, have got a stickiness factor with them. In a nutshell, this glorified stickiness factor maps to various attributes of human emotion. Most of the advertising agencies rely on mere suggestions/ feedback/ inputs given by the set of users they test run their campaigns on, which inadvertently are not reliable.

And, only after the campaign goes live, do the makers realise that the stickiness factor had evaded them! Perhaps not much has been done to illustrate the potential of this kind of stickiness engineering. Then how do you actually quantify your end users’ experience even before your content reaches them?

Fret not, Affect Lab is here. It is a consumer neuroscience and market research platform that uses EEG based brain wave mapping to measure various parameters of human emotion such as attention, concentration, attraction, calmness etc. Affect Lab uses these insights on human emotion to perform Video analysis, UX research by presenting a time series analysis to tell how any video/ content/ product’s attributes resonate with an user/ group of users. Advertising/ Branding agencies can use Affect Lab to understand which parts of their videos/campaigns appeal most to their target audience and which parts can be chucked out safely before taking them live to their users.

To all the advertising/ branding agencies out there, to know how you can quantify the subconscious experiences of your users , visit us @ Affect Lab goes beyond surveys and questionnaires, to delve into your users’ subconscious experiences & ensure your brand resonates with them emotionally.

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