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If you have been tempted to solve the numerous IQ tests that have plagued the social platforms, then you are not alone. Of late, emotional intelligence has been quantified for centuries through psychological tests and examinations that test your intelligence, personality, vocational interests, attitude, achievement, aptitude, and observational powers. It was never so easy to capture emotional intelligence as it is now.

Human behaviour can be predicted by understanding and calculating one’s emotions. AI startups have developed the technology where facial emotions and micro-expressions that lasted for seconds are studied and examined to establish patterns, then evaluated to find out what provokes these emotions, to conclusively determine underlying behaviour traits. This technology is beneficial for hiring talent, finding one’s suitability for sports personality traits analysis, advertising, marketing, event planning, predicting purchase behaviour, finding a dating partner, security and much more. Most importantly, companies that possess this vital information should use it with utmost sensitivity with an aim not to manipulate those that are vulnerable.

Companies which can analyse Emotional Artificial Intelligence are the new trends in the analytics business. Here is a look at the Top Emotional Artificial Intelligence startups that have created a global disruption.


Promobot + Neurodata Lab

Promobot is an autonomous service robot for business and is designed to work in places which has an increased concentration of people, and helps people with navigation as it autonomously moves, communicates and answers any questions. The company in collaboration with Neurodata Lab, an Emotion AI hub is enabling the robot to better understand and interpret human emotions, and engage in human-like conversations and interactions.

Promobot shows promotional materials and remembers everyone it has a communication with. Promobot is programmed to work as an administrator, a museum guide, promoter and host. Promobot can operate in crowded places like cinemas, convention centers, exhibition halls, museums, shopping malls, business centers. Promobot’s increased applications can boost the quality of service, financial performance, customer loyalty of companies where these robots operate.



Image result for emotibotFounded in 2015, by Mr.Kenny Chien and two angel investors, Emoitbot brings the unlimited potential of AI technology to achieve higher business values. Emoitbot is the only artificial intelligence company with image, language multimodal emotion recognition technology and voice triple human-computer interaction technology. Emotibot aims to build an Artificial Intelligence companion that can read, see, listen, remember, self-learn, and understands the user’s emotion to understand the affective states, emotions and intentions of the speaker. Through automatic learning of user preferences and habits, Emotibot’s AI bots provide users with over 30 services and functions like travel planning, hotel reservations and so on. The platform supports fast access to mobile phones, websites, App, intelligent devices with an aim to closely connect people with the world.



Image result for AffectivaAffectiva is an emotion measurement technology company incepted and developed at MIT’s Media Lab to recognize human emotions based on facial cues or physiological responses. This emotion recognition technology is used to commercially help brands improve their marketing messages and advertising targets. Affectiva partnered with Millward Brown, in 2011 for political polling estimates. The company’s technology enables software applications to use a webcam in order to track a user’s smirks, furrows, smile and frowns to measure the levels of surprise, confusion and amusement. Affectiva’s technology allows a person’s heart rate to be measured from a webcam without the need of the user to wear a sensor. This is accomplished by tracking the colour changes in the person’s face, which pulses each time the heart beats.

Affectiva’s Affdex technology can be used to train a webcam on users while they are watching ads, to track their furrows, smirks, smiles and frowns to measure their levels of surprise, amusement or confusion throughout a commercial. This helps for a comparison with other viewers across different demographics. The company has developed the first online face tracking system for an evaluation of the advertising effectiveness, a technology, whose clients include Coca-Cola and others.


Beyond Verbal

Image result for Beyond VerbalFound in 2012, Beyond Verbal based in Tel Aviv, Israel uses Voice and AI technology to extract human emotions and reveal Vocal Biomarkers including acoustic features which indicate various health conditions. Beyond Verbal has collaborated with leading medical institutions, to perform multiple clinical trials and conducts Big Data projects aimed at revealing signs of pulmonary, neurological, cardiovascular and other diseases and chronic medical conditions in the voice thus allowing continuous patient monitoring and predictive analytics.



NVISO is an artificial intelligence company founded in 2009 and headquartered in Switzerland.

NVISO specializes in applying Artificial Visual Intelligence and Deep Learning to accurately detect and predict human emotions and behaviours across a range of industries including Finance, Automotive and Healthcare across all devices.  NVISO provides artificial intelligence solutions that can sense, comprehend and act upon human behavior using emotion analytics.

NVISO’s products and services consist of applications, software development kits (SDK’s), and data services. These are used by NVISO customers to measure and increase productivity, and to accurately perform specific business functions, such as the automation of customer-facing operations. NVISO commercialization is focused on AI solutions for several key industries.


Cynny S.p.a.

Image result for Cynny S.p.a.Cynny, founded in 2013, has its headquarters in Florence, Italy and offices in the UK, The USA, and China. Cynny is working on to develop MorphCast, a premium adaptive video format that delivers face recognition in a smartphone without the need for an app or plugin, fuelled by deep neural network technology that enables real-time content-engagement triggers, maintaining a privacy of the viewer’s data. Cynny was built upon the premises that the processing capabilities of mobile devices would increase rapidly, enabling companies to create new types of personalised video-based experiences, within the device’s browser. Since its inception, Cynny has developed technologies that deliver high market potential with its USP MorphCast® which is changing the rules of marketing in the adaptive era of advertising.


Entropik Technologies

Image result for Entropik TechnologiesEstablished in the year 2016, Entropic Technologies based in Bengaluru puts the vision forward to create a world that is not just artificially intelligent but also emotionally perceptive. Entropik Technology is a unique EmotionAI startup that assists brands to measure the cognitive and emotional response of consumers towards content or product experiences. The platform additionally optimizes these experiences to resonate emotionally with the consumer.

Entropic Technologies is a part of the Viacom18 VStep, SAP, Accenture Ventures Cohort, and Plug n Play accelerator programs. In a report published by Gartner, Entropic Technologies is also named as one of the Top 5 cool vendors in AI in India.


Human (

Image result for Human ( founded in 2016, brings data scientists, microexpression coders and psychologists who work together to build the next step in the human-tech relationship. With offices in the UK, China, and the US, Human leverages Artificial Emotional Intelligence, machine learning to understand characteristics, feelings, emotions, and personality traits of an individual with minimum human bias. The company offers solutions into Recruiting & Employee Retention, Professional Sports Intelligence, Security Detection, Financial Fraud Detection, Sales Prediction, Customer Satisfaction Analysis, Dating EQ and many other verticals.



Image result for CrowdEmotionCrowdEmotion founded in 2013 and based in London, the UK is an emotion inspired artificial intelligence Company leveraging technology to hear, feel and see, the way humans do. The company’s proprietary emotion engine helps companies, academics, and users to recognise human emotion with an aim to deliver a better experience and life for users. CrowdEmotion has won many awards that help people and technology come closer together in a natural way. CrowdEmotion’s API can mainly be applied to digital experiences, security, autonomous vehicles and healthcare solutions.


Mad Street Den

Image result for Mad Street DenFounded in 2013 and based out of the San Francisco Bay Area, Mad Street Den is a Computer Vision-based Artificial Intelligence startup that is breaking new grounds and setting trends to redefine the future of Retail. is the company’s first vertically integrated AI stack for the Retail industry. The AI stack provides 360* solutions for the entire Retail value chain with products that support onsite, in-app experience to marketing & social channels to operations and automation. Besides retail, MAD Stack, Mad Street Den’s Computer Vision platform integrates AI capabilities like object recognition, expression/emotion recognition with more capabilities added as development progresses.

With a core team of Deep Learning experts, Neuroscientists, Data Science specialists from Stanford, CMU and MSFT labs, Mad Street Dan has been serving reputed brands as its customers across nationalities including the US, the UK, India, Middle East and Latin America regions.

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