Top 5 Insights We Learnt In 2018 That You Can Apply In Your Consumer Studies

Affect Lab employs its multimodal Emotion Recognition technologies, including EEG-Brain Wave Mapping, Eye Tracking, and Facial Coding, among others – to accurately quantify consumers psychological responses to brand offerings in a coherent and easy to comprehend tabulation, to optimize consumer behaviour studies and market research.

Brands that incorporate emotionality into their marketing strategy have successfully managed to engage their consumers actively, relate to them intimately and boost their business returns significantly.

As brands around the world wake up and recognise how vital it is for them to seize emotion AI technological potentials and integrate it to their business process, it is predicted that the emotion technology market will grow exponentially to $65 billion by 2023.

One of the global giants that have been effectively using emotion technology to fruition is a brand that probably boasts of the most emotionally resonating content –  Disney. Consumer research in the film industry is usually conducted through surveys, reviews and post-screening responses from where data are manually collected. Taking a new approach, Disney has been using facial coding to read people’s emotions via their facial expressions during movie screenings including ‘The Jungle Book’ and ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’. With real-time, reliable data produced by emotion-sensing technology, Disney gains more profound insights into viewers emotions and what evokes them.

In this annual blog post, we have put together for you, novel insights we have uncovered throughout the year, showcasing how emotional analytics has enabled us to gain acumens that have helped our clients transform their marketing strategy.

  1. “Try harder! We are not AMUSED”

What consistently revealed in our studies is that young adults, under the age of 25 years, have higher ‘Enjoyment’ threshold, despite displaying a higher level of ‘Attention’ intensity, ‘Activation’ and ‘Engagement’ while consuming content, in comparison with older adults.

What this discloses is that they are harder to please than the average adults and Marketers have to go the extra mile to create contents that resonate with this age group.

  1. Mobile proclaims, “I am the King of attention!” and TV quipped, “I beat you on viewers’ engagement”

When it comes to seizing higher ‘Attention’ level, mobile rules supreme and beats all other media devices. On the other hand, TV is still a medium that garners the highest viewers engagement.

  1. The 6 seconds rule for Ads!

When it comes to the length of an advertisement video content, we have found that 6 seconds duration has the highest clutter breakthrough ability when compared with 15 seconds and 30 seconds length ads. Apparently, short stories have more significant impacts. An important point to be noted here is that the 6 seconds ads perform amazingly well when it is played after a 30 seconds ad content.

  1. E-commerce, “I count on your happy emotions!”

When it comes to e-commerce websites, page views per visit has a 68% correlation with happy emotion. When a consumer’s happy emotions are evoked, they tend to spend more time on the website and its various pages.

  1. BFSI, “Be a sight for my sore eyes”

Players in the BFSI sector must note that their websites bounce rate has a 60% correlation with ocular stress. When a website’s content is difficult to read and causes stress to the eyes or when the website is extremely cluttered, its bounce rate is proportionally high. This is just the opposite in the e-commerce industry where users tend to like having a lot of options to read and go through.


Brands that decode human emotions gain a competitive edge over their competitors as they understand what activates consumer emotional responses to their offerings and are able to appeal directly to such emotional triggers.

As the new year approaches, utilise these insights, among others, to score a home run with your consumers.

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