Watch Video: ‘Emotion AI’ is a Pathway Forward to Drive Maximum ROI

Automation is happening, and there is no doubt it has brought substantial benefits to businesses and economies worldwide. Moreover,  Emotion AI is the next step in the evolution of artificial intelligence. It’s one of the most disruptive forces. Thus, the development of strong AI capabilities has become imperative for staying competitive.

To understand the dynamic journey of AI with new dimensions to many businesses nowadays, Intel hosted a panel discussion at the NASSCOM event on the topic, ‘Develop and Deploy Scalable AI Solution,’  where our founder Lava Kumar, was one of the panel speakers. 

Watch the full video to learn how Emotion AI can help you to drive maximum ROI by resonating emotionally with their consumer and end-users.

Panel participants bring a set of rich and diverse backgrounds and experiences that have helped evolve the growth path of their respective companies. These industry experts from, Yellow Messenger, and Entropik Tech share their insights on how they develop and deploy AI solutions leading to the growth of their respective businesses. Click here to read the blog on Intel.

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