Video: Decoding Consumer Behavior Using Emotion AI

Watch Video: Decoding Consumer Behavior Using Emotion AI

Testing the emotional consumer experience has often led to 4X ROIs in companies, suggest studies. Moreover, Emotion AI is helping businesses drive maximum ROI by understanding their consumers’ emotions. By deploying technologies like facial coding, eye tracking, and brainwave mapping, brands can craft better media content, advertisements, products, and digital experiences.

To understand how consumer behaviour’s emotional aspect is the key to attracting more customers and retaining them, GreenBook Events hosted a session at IIEX Asia Pacific 2020. The topic was, ‘Decoding Consumer Behaviour using Emotion AI,’ where founder and CEO, Entropik Technologies, Ranjan Kumar gave a presentation.

Watch the full video to learn how Emotion AI technologies enable brands to test their products or services. Watch the presentation highlight the use of facial coding and eye tracking in optimizing digital experiences for consumers.

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