Establishing a Emotional Connect With Viewers

Case Brief:

The popularity of OTT content has been increasing at an astonishing pace; Series fanatics across the world are critical of the content quality as well as very vocal on social media, making it very difficult job for the show runners.

Viewers have different reasons to connect with a particular movie or a series, based on their interests and the hook in the storyline. We conducted a study on the web series, TVF to understand when really does a viewer start to emotionally connect with the episodes.


Why the study?

  1. Find out where the viewers lose interest or have lower attention in the episodes
  2. Compare how viewers respond to different episodes with bench-marking and ranking
  3. Determine what type of characterizations and story-lines work with the targeted audience the most
  4. Identify the exact moment of emotional connect between viewers and the web series

What did we learn?

  1. The test audience loved the 1st episode of the series, followed by the 3rd.
  2. The second episode received a neutral response from the viewers, showing lower levels of attention, appreciation and interest.
  3. The emotional spectrum were correlated with story-lines instead of punchlines or characters.
  4. Anticipation of a brawl in the episode resulted in attention and interest spikes.
  5. Show of emotions by family members in the series, nudged an emotional connect with the video

How can you use this?

When you’re creating videos or a web series, it is important to keep up with the audience interests. That’s exactly what Affect Lab data helps with:

  1. Understanding story lines that are appreciated by your target audience
  2. Identifying elements that lead to faster emotional connect with the viewers
  3. Optimizing the web series’ elements to create an engaging hook for viewers to come back to it again and again.

To know more about how Affect Lab helped TVF understand how to connect with its audience on an emotional level, download our case study today.

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