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New ways of creating, distributing and receiving content have brought in more clutter to the media segment. Affect Lab gives your brand a competitive edge by enabling you to analyze effectiveness of your content.

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EEG brainwave mapping, Facial decoding and Eye tracking help decode the subconscious emotions of a consumer. Access our platform with your Affect Lab login credentials and conduct research with any or all 3 technologies at one go! Affect Lab also allows you to set the survey questionnaire to capture open ended feedback

EEG brainwave mapping analyses the activity in your brain picked up by the electrical impulse and converts the data into more understandable metrics. Facial coding maps the key landmarks on your face based on the reflexes to understand the emotions. Eye tracking, visual activity is monitored using a standard webcam & screen-based Eye Tracking software. Read More

Key Metrics

Affect Lab also helps you identify the Attention, Engagement, Activation, Appreciation levels & an overall Affect Score of a consumer when they are watching your media content.




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